Fall 2019 Pickin' Post -Final Issue


Issue #70 of the Bluegrass Anonymous publication, “The Pickin’ Post” will be the last hard-copy issue. After September 2019, the publication will be available online only at www.bluegrassanonymous.org.

If there is no interest from others outside the current board to volunteer to continue BA as a non-profit bluegrass music organization, it will be dissolved.

Pickin' Post Newsletter Archive 2018-2019

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2018.12 Pickin Post December 2018 (pdf)


Pickin Post March 2019 (pdf)


Pickin Post Summer 2019 (pdf)


Pickin' Post Newsletter Archive 2016- 2017

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Pickin' Post Ad Rates

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With the September/Fall 2011 issue The Pickin’ Post moved to glossy 80-lb. full color covers and four-color process interior format.   Finished product is an 8.5” X 11” folded and bound booklet.  

Artwork should be clear and in color or black & white layout.      JPEGs  or PDF files are required. 

Ad copy is due February 1 for the Spring issue (March distribution); May 1 for the Summer issue (June distribution); August 1 for the Fall issue (September distribution); and, November 1 for the Winter issue (December distribution).

Invoices will be sent the day the newsletter is distributed and payment due 30 days after.  Service charge of

1-1/2 % per month will be charged for invoices over 30 days of statement.

Checks or money orders payable to: 

Bluegrass Anonymous

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Email ad copy to Robin Thixton, Editor:  LouisvilleBG@gmail.com

For additional information or questions contact Robin via email or 615-574-2109.

The Pickin’ Post is published quarterly and distributed by mail to member house-holds, regional retail businesses, concerts, festivals, jam sessions, key and direct placement, and on-line at 


The September/Fall issue is widely distributed at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) World of Bluegrass Conference.